FreshPoint's Value Added

At FreshPoint Dallas, we are committed to ensuring our customers success! We have taken this to the next level with the addition of our FreshPoint Value Added division. We do just that, add VALUE. In a volatile economy managing your labor, processes, and product quality can be a challenge. Some of the questions we hear our customers ask: How do I get all of the prep work done with such limited staff? How do I overcome limited cooler space, while increasing my product mix for a more diverse menu? How can I obtain superior quality without paying premium rates?

Our solution to your challenges: FreshPoint Value Added.
Our Value Added (FPVA) division consists of 3 primary segments

  1. Tomato Repack - In our brand new state of the art repack facility, we now have the ability to process large quantities of tomatoes, real time. Get the color, quality and grade of fresh tomatoes hand selected for you today. Whether its heirlooms, vine-ripes, gas greens, romas or salsa tomatoes, we sort through fresh product brought in daily from around the world to capture the product that best fits your needs.
  2. Splits - Tired of buying 40lbs of bananas only to lose 30-40% to the trash bins? If you are having trouble sustaining the freshness of your produce, let us pack your most commonly used produce items daily in the quantities you need. At FreshPoint Dallas you can now purchase a variety of items in non-standard pack sizes: the convenience of a personal produce selector is only a phone call away. Only the highest quality grade of product is accepted into our splits room to ensure that we start with the right stuff. To then go a step further, each product is inspected and packed to the highest industry standards, often exceeding that of the FDA. We know our customers are the best and deserve the best, all year around.  In addition to having the finest quality, enjoy the biggest bang for your buck as you experience savings through reduced loss of product. Less in the trash and more on the plates equals greater profit for you!
  3. Direct - Are you part of a chain? Do you have need to order produce in bulk with a product mix of varying and specialty items? At FreshPoint Dallas, we are dedicated to customizing programs that meet your regional and national needs. If you are able to buy locally, call one of our outstanding personal account managers today. If you're part of a chain and buying through your corporate office, talk to your procurement specialist and chances are we may be servicing one of your sister facilities already and can easily help you as well. One stop, One Shop, One Delivery. Order your full spectrum of foodservice products and let us handle the rest while you enjoy more time in your day, and less time checking in orders.

Our FPVA division is proud to announce our fully digital, state of the art, Country of Origin and Traceability system. Many of us for years now are used to hearing about "produce traceability programs" that typically consist of a clipboard and a spread sheet. At FreshPoint Value Added, that isn't good enough. We understand the importance of food safety as many of our employees are former foodservice professionals themselves. After listening to our people, our customers, and our cutting edge quality control team, we realized that we need more. Over that past several years we have partnered with a well respected software firm to design the purest product traceability system in our industry. This is not shelf bought software but rather highly sophisticated, user friendly, real time data that allows us to gather all the product information needed at the click of a button. Feel safe, FreshPoint Safe.

Sysco's Valued Added Program

More Features

You now have options to:

  • Detailed and Summarized Usage Reports
  • Invoice Credit Inquiries
  • Customized Order Guides based on day, sequence & item
  • Detailed Order History
  • Detailed Shopping Cart visualizations
  • Customized & itemized inventory sheets
  • User assignment per department
  • Unlimited e-confirmations

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